Talent Communication

We help employers to bring their job profiles to life and to communicate their employer brand.

In the past, job seekers applied to companies, whereas now companies pitch for new employees. Megatrends such as a shortage of skilled workers and digitalisation have changed the labor market and ensured that employer branding and HR marketing are now even more important than ever before. This is exactly where we come in: We support companies in advertising their employer brand and ideas for the future. On top of this we inform and inspire employees to find the right job for them in the right company.

Employer branding: telling the company story

Every company has stories to tell: of successes, changes of direction, or everyday life. These stories are written by the employees but it is us at YAEZ who tell them. We listen and give space for employees to tell us about their passion. Whether in social media postings, authentic video portraits, or captivating online reports – we show what makes the employer brand and the team behind it special. Along with current employees and new talents, we show where the company wants to go in the future.

HR marketing: filling the recruiting funnel

Right from the start, filling a position ultimately comes down to one thing: attention. If someone is a perfect fit for the job, but doesn’t hear about it, they won’t apply. That’s why we ensure that the recruiting funnel is filled with the right applicants. The central point here is to know who the company is looking for and to reach that exact person. Whether online, or offline – through as many contact points as possible, we ensure that applicants know about the job and that it stays in their minds – until they finally apply.

From social media to roadshows – we design employer communications: