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EDEKA is more than one of the largest grocery suppliers in Germany. The career opportunities at EDEKA are just as diverse as the product range.

Corporate Influencers show their everyday life as apprentices

We vividly and extensively illustrate and promote the entire variety of training and career opportunities at EDEKA Südwest through multimedia and high-reach means: Since 2017, we have been focusing on emotional social media campaigns, professional video productions, and comprehensive online communication on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, our website, and YouTube.

By working with apprentices as corporate influencers, we ensure authentic insights into the daily work behind the store counter, in the EDEKA warehouse, or at the administrative headquarters.
We always focus on our goal: to inspire young people for an apprenticeship and a professional future at EDEKA.

EDEKA loves talents

…and wants to inspire and support them. As an agency, we assist EDEKA Minden-Hannover by conceptualizing and producing target audience-appropriate video content for the YouTube channel @wirliebentalente. Additionally, we provide advisory support for other social media initiatives.”

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