Hi Future! Communicating today for a better Tomorrow
YAEZ is an owner-managed communications agency with a focus on Employer Branding, Branded Education and Future Comms.


We say “Hi Future!” because we believe in a future full of possibilities and are convinced that we are shaping the future through communication.

Our goal: We want to help people, companies and institutions to realize their potential. To this end we implement innovative communication solutions for companies and public institutions.
What we do:


Meet the people behind our agency. A young and diverse team working on creative ideas on sofas, swings and office chairs.
Who we are


A lot has happened in over 20 years of YAEZ. From the beginning, we strived to go the extra mile as YAEZ grew from a school newspaper to a versatile agency full of creative minds. Throughout this time, we experienced many special moments and were able to achieve great things.
Students Janos Burghardt, Simon Keller and Michael Hartung establish the online school magazine YAEZ (“Yet another E-Zine”).
YAEZ is released as a student newspaper for the city of Stuttgart and distributed in local schools.
The youth magazine YAEZ is published in schools nationwide.
The YAEZ Agency focusing on young target audiences and new media is founded.
YAEZ is one of the leading agencies specializing in Employer Branding, Branded Education, and Future Comms.