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Excited about STEM!

Mercedes-Benz Group AG
What is green hydrogen? How does automated driving work? The Mercedes-Benz educational initiative Genius gives answers to questions like these and inspires young people for STEM topics.

Targeting young people

To address the growing shortage of skilled professionals in technical fields, Mercedes-Benz’s Genius initiative focuses on targeted support for emerging talent. The key is to make science and technology appealing to a younger audience. However, these complex concepts may not immediately spark enthusiasm in children and teenagers – that’s where YAEZ comes in. With our extensive expertise in educational communication, we specialize in presenting and conveying content in an engaging and age-appropriate manner for students. Since 2012, YAEZ has been supporting Genius in implementing a diverse range of offerings for both children, teenagers, and educators.

Reaching the goal with livestream, events and YouTube

On its mission, Genius offers a wide range of formats – from knowledge blogs, teaching materials, training courses and events to reports by children for children. We support the measures from conception to implementation and attach great importance to making full use of optimisation opportunities. Our on-site team at Mercedes-Benz is responsible for producing the Genius children’s reports, as well as digital teacher training programmes via livestream. Information on all programmes is available on the Genius website, which we manage and maintain.

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