Corporate Publishing: Youth Media

We publish our own magazines and we are specialists in Corporate Publications for young audiences – printed, online and social media .

Youth Magazine “YAEZ”

We inspire, support and encourage students – before and after graduating.

Our readers are mostly 14- to 20-year-old students who attend German High Schools. During those years they have to keep on making decisions about how their future life will look like. They will be the next generation to create a better world. They want to do well at school and still be able to enjoy themselves. YAEZ is like an older sibling, someone with more of life experience, believing in their potential and providing orientation.

Corporate Publishing

YAEZ provides the best printed content for companies and organizations that want to reach a young audience. We support them in building their own products. Our services include concept creation, consultation, editing, design, prepress, production and distribution of the magazines.

We also provide services for online outlets such as developing, programming and designing. Moreover, we supply the entire process of writing, editing and community management.

Social Media

YAEZ provides a full-service for Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

We offer community management and edition services for young audiences, emphasizing interesting content and an active relation with users. We help to create a highly engaging content strategy and guidance throughout the process of evaluation.